Elias Kunnas

+358 40 1390666


I am a self-driven individual from Finland interested about the future of humanity. My most useful skills are in software engineering and data science and such.
Out of a multitude of “big” issues for humanity’s future, I have an interest in artificial intelligence for a long time as a thing I can somehow tie to my “tactical” skills in programming. I try to stay somewhat informed in other “important” areas like biotechnology, efforts to adapt societies to the emerging world (UBI) etc.


I have a wide range of experience with various tools and programming paradigms and dealing with “medium size” projects. I prefer to work with modern functional programming languages like Haskell.

Data science: IPython/Jupyter, Pandas, R, Matlab/Octave, etc.

Databases: PostgreSQL, MariaDB/MySQL, SQLite, etc.

Programming languages: Perl, Python, R, Scala, Java, Haskell, Bash, Prolog, Matlab, Clojure, Racket, Rust, C/C++, SQL, Javascript, Purescript

Other: Linux, Git, Docker, etc.


Ubisecure Solutions Ltd - Software Testing and Documentation

July 2010 - September 2010

Finnish Defence Forces - Conscript Scientist

July 2012 - July 2013

Digital Identity Solutions Europe Ltd (DISE) - Lead Software Developer

July 2013 - November 2016


The University of Edinburgh - BSc in Artificial Intelligence with Honours

September 2008 - July 2012

In my studies at Edinburgh University, I attended a fairly comprehensive set of courses on various aspects of artificial intelligence and machine learning, from computer vision to classical AI algorithms to natural language understanding and more.

The more advanced courses in my degree include the following:

- Advanced Vision: Computer vision algorithms, etc.
- Intelligent Autonomous Robotics: Mapping, SLAM, control, etc.
- System Design Project: 10 person group project with the goal of constructing an autonomous “simplified football” playing robot competing against other team.
- Postgrad Course: Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning
- Postgrad Course: Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition


On 2011, I was chosen for the IBM EMEA Best Student Recognition Event from the University of Edinburgh.
I was one of a total of approximately 100 students chosen for this event all around the EMEA region.


I take an interest in bettering the human condition, individually and “at scale”. Contemporary labels which capture this more or less are biohacking (more actionable individually, “life hacking” and optimizing) and transhumanism.

I run, I dance, and I travel a lot recently. I seek out the interesting things in life.